One Day French Immersion Course

Come along to our day of intensive French!
You will speak French from 10 am to 5 pm with the assistance of two French native teachers, in a nice and relaxed atmosphere and supportive environment.


Debutant 26th February
Intermediate 12th March
Advanced 19th March
Special VCE Immersion Days to be announced


The class includes:

  • 7 hours of full immersion. You will hear just French and speak only French!
  • 2 French native teachers with a group of a maximum of 8 students
  • A variety of language activities including general discussion, games, debates, small group workshops, role plays and much more
  • A French traditional breakfast with French viennoiseries (croissants, baguette etc)
  • A French traditional lunch and cultural insights including a 'cafe gourmand' at Gateaux Patisserie.

       And lots more.....


At the end of the day you will be able to:

  • Boost your language skills in a short time
  • Build your confidence and express yourself more naturally in French
  • Improve your understanding of the French language
  • Adapt your language skills to a wider range of situations
  • Discover, taste and discuss French gastronomic heritage
  • Share your passion of the French language and culture with other equally passionate students
  • Feel more French!

Special VCE:

  • Practice for your oral exams in a real exam format.


We are offering four immersion days:

  • Immersion day for beginner to higher beginner. Suited for students of beginner level who wish to improve their confidence and boost their learning in a short time. We do not accept absolute beginners. All students must have done at least 15 hours of French.
  • Immersion day for intermediate students. Suited for students of intermediate level who wish to improve their oral skills.
  • Immersion day for advanced students. Suited for students of advanced level who wish to maintain their level.
  • Immersion day for VCE students. Suited for students of Year 12 who want to practice for their oral exam.

Time of classes

  • Intermediate 21st February
  • Advanced 28th February
  • Special Travel French 15th May
  • Intermediate/Advanced 22nd May
  • Special VCE Immersion Days 4th and 18th September


  • $210 per person


All classes are held in our French learning center at 567 Hampton Street, Hampton Victoria, Australia.