VCE and IB Immersion Days – Thursday 6 July / Saturday 2 September

We are starting our VCE / IB Immersion Days again at A French Journey Hampton! These days involve a full day (7 hours) of French immersion to practise your oral skills and improve your fluency and confidence in the French language in preparation for your oral exam.
It is a great way to meet other students, with a full day consisting of language activities, oral production and comprehension activities, mock oral exams with full feedback of examiners, and an inclusive French lunch. The sessions are exclusively in French and will adapt to the students.
The 7 hour sessions will be offered between 10am and 5pm for a maximum of 8 students and 2 native French teachers, and other French examiners in the afternoon.
Sessions are planned for Thursday 6 July and Saturday 2 September, depending on enrolments.
Sessions will be held on site at A French Journey (567 Hampton Street, Hampton) and the fees will be $220 all inclusive per person to be paid into A French Journey account to book your place.
Be in touch asap to book your spot and start practising for your oral exam!
A bientot!